Instructions & Maintenance

When you receive your bike, make sure that the handlebars, wheels, pedals and saddle are properly clamped.

Check these things out before a good bike ride
Tire pressure, well pumped
Gear adjustment
Hand brakes and foot brake
The steering is clamped and straight forward
Check the wheels

It is great to ride a clean bike, when you clean your bike you can easily find any maintenance issues. Clean your bike with a shampoo for metal or cars, use a soft brush or sponge. Give your leather saddle and handle some leather grease. Proper cleaning of your bicycle helps prevent corrosion also known as surface rust.

It is important to lubricate your chain and rear hub at the gear shifter once in a while with an oil spray. You may want to let your local bicycle dealer service your bicycle every two years. A good rule is to listen and look at your bike, then you will have much better opportunities to discover any things that need repairing.

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