Beach Cruiser

Beach Cruiser is an attempt at creating an organic extension of the human, that uses their ride from A to B as a break from the hustle of the city. Wide tires, curved frame, the soft seat and a wide handlebar – all for the sake of the cyclist. While still keeping the Beach Cruiser as discreet and simple as possible. No bells and whistles. We believe there is already plenty of noise.

Hand-built luxury

Copenhagen Bike Company focuses on a meticulous design and good craftsmanship. Therefore, every detail on the bicycle has been considered and every bicycle is hand-built from scratch. The frame is formed with CR-MO tubes that are considerably stronger than normal steel, while remaining light in weight. All frames are formed by hand, which means that every bicycle is adjusted to fit the cyclist’s height. This means that when you order a bicycle from Copenhagen Bike Company we build it for you personally.

Chain protector

Copenhagen Bike Company have designed a unique chain protector. The chain protector is special aesthetically due to its minimalistic design and clean lines. It curves along the chain discretely without disturbing the eye. In an almost invisible way this detail once again emphasizes Copenhagen Bike Company’s thorough design process.

Ride in style

Copenhagen Bike Company aim at working with the best suppliers of the components. All bicycles are equipped with a Brooks™ leather seat, which combines a comfortable design with high quality materials. Additionally, all handlebars are also produced in leather to give the cyclist a comfortable grip.


German quality steel ST37-2 muffled, hand welded


German hand welded press steel


Three-layer lacquer


Sturmey Archer 3 Gng RT
Nexus shimano 7 Gng


Sturmey Archer Nabendynmo drum brake X-FDD


Schwalbe Road Cruiser 32 / 37-622


Humpert NSU steel chromed


Westphal leather


Brooks leather

Steel mudguard

Steel apron, painted multilayer

Chain guard

Polypropylen chain runner


Special built size: 19 x 19,5 cm.


Small – 45cm / Medium – 50cm / Large – 55cm



Lamp front

Spanninga LED battery, classic chromed

Lamp rear

Spanninga LED battery